Юта Тагаши
Юта Тагаши - (富樫 勇太 , "Togashi Yuuta")
Имя Юта Тагаши
Канджи 富樫 勇太
Романджи Togashi Yuuta
Раса Человек
Возраст 16
Пол Мужской
Рост 170 см
Профессиональный статус
Личная информация
Статус Жив
Первое появление
Голоса озвучки

Юта Тагаши (富樫 勇太 Togashi Yuuta) является главным мужским персонажем,японской серии романов и аниме, Смотреть Чудачество любви не помеха!. Его озвучивает Фукуяма Дзюн.

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Yuuta Togashi is a high school freshman and was once a "chūnibyō patient", precisely an overly self-conscious middle schooler (Evil Eye-Type). During his junior high days, he named himself Dark Flame Master. Whenever he thinks about his past he feels extremely embarassed and tries hard to forget it. He enrolls into a different high school than everyone else from his junior high. The very first friend he makes in high school is Makoto Isshiki, who sits behind him in the same class. On the same day, he is befriended by another student, a girl named Rikka Takanashi, which he quickly regrets due to her embarassing chūnibyō antics. He seems to have feelings towards Rikka, however he has also pondered if he may have feelings for Shinka Nibutani.

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Yuuta lives with his family which consists of his mother and two younger sisters. When he was young, he used to imitate as Dark Flame Master which usually confused his family. Sometimes he embarassed his family members in front of others. He used up most of his New Year’s saving on Dark Flame Master’s gear. He also chanted spells before meals. He meditated under some fluorescent lightings in the form of pyramid at night.

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Yuuta Togashi has short brown hair which falls into a slight fringe, green eyes and a slightly tanned complexion. He is most often seen throughout the series in the standard school uniform of a white dress shirt, tan coloured sweater, a striped red school tie, and the standard school blazer. Outside of school he generally wears jeans with either a jacket or hoodie, except in special cases where a change of wardrobe is appropriate such as during the summer vacation.

Yuuta is usually very kind and treats everyone well, however when his 8th grader syndrome is mentioned he can get pretty aggressive towards the person who mentioned it, commonly Rikka. He is also dilligent and responsible, often being the voice of reason in the group. He often hits Rikka on the head when she says something that is related with her delusions.